Mandarin Noodle

Food Safety Certifications

We Take Great Care

All of our noodles are produced according to worldwide food safety standards and regulations. Our noodle factory is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the production and packaging of our noodles is compliant with all food safety regulations to provide the highest quality product available. We have developed our packaging standards to ensure that the noodles always arrive fresh, from our factory, to your facility, restaurant, or home.

High Standards

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of health and safety at Mandarin Noodle.

Your health and well-being is our number one priority, and we are pleased to maintain rigorous Canadian and International food safety standards.


Certification 1

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Certified

Certification 2

HACCP Certified

Certification 3

Safe Quality Food Certified


"I've bought Mandarin Noodles for over 10 years for my family and always had the same quality and taste. I love that I can prepare meals in under 20 minutes with these noodles."

Amanda T.Company

"Tasty noodles! Would highly recommend to anyone."


"Delicious and easy to use!"

Anonymous Company