The History of Mandarin Noodle

Family-Owned, Locally Produced, Quality Ingredients

Over 35 Years of Noodles

Mandarin Noodle has been operating in Calgary, Alberta for over 35 years. Since we started our company in 1983, we have been creating varieties of Asian noodles that are crafted from traditional family recipes and techniques. 

Humble Beginnings

National Distribution

Over the past 35 years, Mandarin Noodle has grown from humble beginnings specializing in small-scale noodle production and local distribution, to increasing distribution capacity across Canada with six full production lines. We’ve expanded our product line to 16 varieties of Asian noodles, including Shanghai noodles, wonton noodles and wraps, egg roll wraps, rice needle noodles, udon noodles, rice rolls and more.

Always Fresh, Never Instant

While Mandarin Noodle started as a small and family-owned business, we have grown into a high-demand supplier of authentic, quality Asian noodles, while still maintaining the product integrity of small-batch production. Our products can still be found at local grocers in Calgary’s Chinatown locally, but large-scale distribution has expanded to major grocery chains across the country, and now you can find your favourite Mandarin Noodle products at Superstore, Safeway and Sobey’s locations across Canada. Mandarin Noodle has grown to be one of Western Canada’s largest custom noodle suppliers and producers, now shipping more than 3000 cases, or 21,200 products per week.

What sets us apart from others is our dedication to fresh products, made from quality fresh ingredients. We believe in quality without compromise. Our noodles are produced fresh, packaged fresh, and vacuum-sealed to supply a quality product with full flavor and incomparable quality. We package immediately to ensure that our noodles are fresh, and never instant.

From small-batch noodle production to a large-scale grocer and distribution supply, our recipes, our standards, and our products remain the same – high-quality Asian noodles, guaranteed fresh, locally sourced, and always delicious.

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