Mandarin Noodle has been producing delicious fresh noodles in Calgary, Alberta, since 1983.

From its humble beginnings in the family kitchen, Mandarin Noodle has grown to become one of Western Canada’s largest producers of fresh Asian-style noodles, shipping more than 2000 cases or 21,200 pounds of product a week.

Using traditional family recipes and techniques, Mandarin Noodle started in a small food production facility serving the local Calgary community.

Now running six production lines, Mandarin Noodle has expanded its product line to 16 varieties of noodles and wrappers, from the original rice rolls, which are still rolled and bagged by hand, to new special varieties such as Silver Needle and Shanghai Noodles.

Though Mandarin Noodles are still available in the local grocers in Calgary’s Chinatown, where the company got its start, their products are now widely available at Canadian Superstores, Selected Safeway and Sobey’s stores across Western Canada.

Because the noodles are produced locally and vacuum sealed the moment they are steamed, Mandarin Noodle provides the freshest noodles in the marketplace.


Mandarin Noodle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.