Experience the Flavor and Convenience of Fresh Noodles

The Mandarin Noodle factory in Calgary produces fresh noodles every day from traditional recipes, and promptly processes each package to seal in freshness. Because the noodles are made locally, they don’t have far to travel and they arrive at the grocer’s as fresh and delicious as the moment they were made. Mandarin Noodles are the perfect convenience food – ready in minutes and so versatile, they can be incorporated into many of your favorite recipes. Unlike instant noodles, Mandarin Noodle products are steamed, not fried, so they are low in fat and suitable for calorie-reduced diets

Mandarin Noodle produces a full range of Asian-style noodles. With so much variety, you can enjoy them hot or cold, at breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a tea time or midnight snack, on their own, or as an accompaniment to a meal.


Mandarin Noodle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.